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How Crowd Is Transforming User Research with AI

Inside Crowd

Feb 21, 2024

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the way businesses operate, and it's not hard to see why. Chatbots like Chat GPT, which emerged in 2023, have made AI a critical productivity tool for businesses worldwide. According to Exploding Topics, 48% of businesses, including Crowd :), leverage AI to make sense of big data. That number matches reported benefits of AI in businesses too! Consider Netflix, which generates $1 billion annual revenue from AI-driven recommendations.

At Crowd, we leverage AI technology to make user research and testing efficient. Carrying out effective researches among your target demographics tend to lead to vast amounts of data to comb through. With our AI Analysis feature, you get accurate insights in minutes. Same quality of insights in a shorter period - saving you the time and resources of manual labor. That sounds like an effective solution to identify insights you need to drive success. 😏

Read on to explore how the AI technology on Crowd breaks down user research data for teams within diverse industries and the specific use case that applies to you.

How Crowd's AI Feature Streamlines Data Analysis From User Research and Feedback Sessions

The dynamic of our AI Analysis feature is simple yet efficient. While our AI does varied functions in unmoderated tests and moderated sessions, it all boils down to one thing - rapidly providing you with accurate insights from your research data. Yes, Crowd's AI works with every research and test type on our platform to provide these:

Essential insights from research and tests

Moderated sessions, also known as user interviews, allow teams to interact with their users in real time as they navigate their products. While these sessions offer valuable feedback, insights can easily get lost, especially in large groups. With our AI feature, you can access a full transcript of your recorded moderated sessions and a concise summary highlighting key points discussed and action items.

That proves helpful especially for usability research purposes for individuals or product teams looking to understand and pinpoint lapses in their products for future iterations. Irrespective of your research data volume, our AI extracts quality insights from your tests in minutes.

Moreover, this functionality extends to unmoderated tests as well. Take, for instance, a scenario where you need to test your prototype with your users or testers recruited from Crowd's pool of over 130,000 diverse participants before moving to the development stage. Our AI feature analyzes your respondents' data to identify which designs they found most appealing and why, efficiently pinpointing recurring patterns, sentiments, and general responses.

But that's not all – you can delve deeper by querying our AI for additional insights.

Analyze sentiments from participant responses

Understanding customer sentiment and preferences is crucial for the success of a product and its marketing strategy. With our AI rapidly analyzing sentiments from research feedback, product (marketing) teams and digital agencies can quickly identify campaign elements to optimize or eliminate. This approach optimizes marketing efforts, reducing the risk of failed campaigns and unnecessary expenses.

Identify limitations in your tests and research

Even the most well-designed tests can encounter limitations that hinder their effectiveness. Crowd's AI does not just highlight key insights; it also provides invaluable feedback on the limitations of the tests themselves. With that feedback, businesses can optimize their test or research to get valuable insights for better results.

Provide actionable steps and recommendations for further research

Research data is only worth its weight in gold when it presents actionable insights. Using Crowd's AI gets you to that part in record time.

Besides a concise summary and key insights generated by our AI, you also get recommendations for tweaking your tests for deeper insights and suggestions on the next steps based on your test or research.

For moderated sessions, our AI highlights short action items from your recordings.


Whatever your use case for using Crowd may be, our AI feature is capable of analyzing vast amounts of data from your research, unmoderated tests and live user interviews within minutes to do the following:

  1. Extract essential insights from your research and tests

  2. Analyze sentiments from participant responses

  3. Identify limitations in your tests and research questions

  4. Provide recommendations for further research and actionable steps

Also noteworthy is the integration of our AI Analysis across all solutions available on Crowd. That means you can get the insights that carry weight from, including but not limited to:

  1. Installed widgets to measure customer satisfaction with your product or identify priority requests from your users.

  2. Surveys

  3. Live user interviews or moderated sessions

  4. Preference tests

  5. 5-second tests

  6. Prototype and website evaluations

As AI continues to evolve, we are excited to continue exploring its possibilities at Crowd to help our users stay ahead of the curve.

Crowd provides you with the tools to understand your users so that you can create meaningful experiences for them and drive growth for your business.

© 2024, All Rights Reserved by Crowd.

Crowd provides you with the tools to understand your users so that you can create meaningful experiences for them and drive growth for your business.

© 2024, All Rights Reserved by Crowd.

Crowd provides you with the tools to understand your users so that you can create meaningful experiences for them and drive growth for your business.

© 2024, All Rights Reserved by Crowd.