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Crowd vs Maze


Feb 1, 2024

Crowd vs Maze

If you're contemplating a switch to Crowd, you're likely in the process of determining if it's the right choice for you. Well, we wrote this article to help you simplify that decision-making process.

As you continue reading, we'll take you through a detailed overview of Crowd versus Maze, including comprehensive comparisons of features, pricing, and one-on-one comparison – all condensed onto a single page for your convenience.

Hey, let's get straight to the point – Maze is a widely-used user research tool embraced by your favorite brands.

However, if you're seeking an all-encompassing user research solution that not only addresses your research requirements but also provides additional features like effortless NPS and CSAT score collection, bug reporting, feature requests, a centralized documentation hub for all your research work, and even a handy project management tool, then keep reading.

First, let's break down what sets Crowd apart from Maze.

💸 Crowd is more affordable.

Imagine spending $99 monthly on Maze but only getting one user research project.

Well, for just $79/month, here's a list of everything you get on Crowd.

🚀 Easily launch your unmoderated tests to your website visitors

Don't have the time to recruit participants or send test links to your participants manually? Launch your unmoderated tests onto your website with ease.

Say goodbye to the tedious tasks of manual participant recruitment and distributing individual test links. Instead, embed your tests directly onto your website, not only saving costs but also freeing up your time.

Your website visitors can seamlessly engage with your tests without the need for complex procedures. By doing this, you also encourage increased participation, making your testing strategy both effective and resource-conscious.

🎯 Organize and track your projects with Kanban boards

Ever feel like your projects are running wild?

Our Kanban boards are here to help you create tasks, track progress, and collaborate efficiently on all your user research projects.

No need to spend extra bucks on a project management tool when you've got Crowd.

  • Effortlessly locate tasks, filter based on what matters, and boost productivity.

  • Handling multiple projects at once? Our Kanban Board ensures each project gets the attention it deserves, making teamwork a breeze and stopping tasks from slipping through the cracks.

  • Gain a clear overview of your projects with a visual representation of task progress.

  • Quickly prioritize and reprioritize tasks based on changing needs.

  • Convert test results/user research feedback into actionable tasks directly on the Kanban Board.

Now, let's have a one-on-one feature comparison.

Crowd vs Maze Features

🤝 Crowd is not only beginner-friendly but also caters to experts

Crowd not only caters to beginners but also provides a user-friendly platform that is equally beneficial for experienced professionals. Unlike Maze, where reviews on G2 suggest a steep learning curve for those new to the design field, Crowd takes a different approach.

Crowd stands out by offering an intuitive and accessible platform that doesn't pose a significant challenge for beginners. The user interface is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that those who are just starting out in the design world can quickly adapt and navigate the platform effortlessly.

However, what makes Crowd truly exceptional is its versatility. While it remains beginner-friendly, it doesn't compromise on functionality or depth. Experienced designers can delve into advanced features and tools, tailoring their experience to meet the demands of intricate design processes.

So, whether you're a novice or an expert, Crowd ensures a smooth and adaptable user experience for all, setting it apart from platforms with steeper learning curves.

Capture real-time feedback with a fully customizable platform widget

When we say “all-in-one,” we really do mean that!

Easily integrate our feedback widget to effortlessly measure user experiences, streamline product enhancements, and prioritize impactful features. Easily collect NPS and CSAT scores, feature requests, and even bug reports, cutting down on prolonged customer support times by 50%!

Our widgets are incredibly versatile, fitting seamlessly into websites, apps, or any software environment. The best part? Users can effortlessly submit detailed reports, including step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and screen recordings as they use your platform. This empowers your development team to comprehend and visualize feedback effortlessly.

Thinking of hopping on Maze and a secondary user feedback that might cost you over $150 monthly? Well, think again. With Crowd, you get all of this without breaking the bank. Merge quantitative data (like CSAT and NPS scores) with qualitative insights (user testing feedback) for a comprehensive understanding of user experience and customer sentiment.

In Conclusion

While Maze is a great tool, it has its limitations. According to users, “There are several critical pain points: Once the test URL goes live, there is no way to fix it. If a prototype is heavy, it does not work at all in mobile environment” (Review from G2).

Crowd is the ultimate right decision not just for product teams but also businesses. With Crowd, businesses and product teams can gain deep insights into customer behaviors and preferences, drive product improvements, and make strategic, data-driven decisions all in one place without breaking the bank.

Its versatility makes it suitable for startup founders aiming to understand their customers, as well as for researchers seeking a robust platform for in-depth analysis.

Crowd provides you with the tools to understand your users so that you can create meaningful experiences for them and drive growth for your business.

© 2024, All Rights Reserved by Crowd.

Crowd provides you with the tools to understand your users so that you can create meaningful experiences for them and drive growth for your business.

© 2024, All Rights Reserved by Crowd.

Crowd provides you with the tools to understand your users so that you can create meaningful experiences for them and drive growth for your business.

© 2024, All Rights Reserved by Crowd.